Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010


i started writing when i was a sophmore in highschool. around 2007. so i'm still new. i was hittin tags with the nick name Kokey30. but that didn't flow too well. Plus i wanted to show off to my friends that i was hitting those pieces they see on the streets, but they didn't believe me. so i started writing with the name everybody calls me; Kemz.
around 2008 i made a graffiti piece and the "Z" looked like a "Y".. and my friends called me kemy just to annoy me, but i liked it. kemy sounds so childish and innocent, when in real life i'm hardcore bombin' up shit in this joint, kinda throws you off guard. hence the name KemyKemz.

back in the day, i joined up my man CRNVL'S crew called the Newage Terrorist w/ Aerosol (NTA), we were quite the duo. but the crew kinda died down. CRNVL retired so i formed the newly formed NTA clan with a new name: New Type of Anarchy. with a new clan name, comes new members.
so thats my clan. thats what i rep. KemyKemz NTA Jakarta.

as a newcommer in the Jakarta graff scene, it's not easy to earn my dues and proving that i'm not just another toy caught up in the glory of graffiti, but i kept hitting the streets and holding shit down. right now, i don't think Jakarta respects me, but fuck it, you can't deny that i'm one of the motherfuckers keeping it real on the streets. fuck, i'm making history.

right now i'm just learning to get better at graffiti.trynna come up with some fresh styles and executing it as best as i can. and ofcourse, i'm puttin my name everywhere i can.